“Serverius” Data Center located in the Netherlands meets all modern criteria and world standards.

The highest level of security and safety can be provided thanks to innovative energy saving technologies, heavy duty conditioning and firefighting systems, constantly available service engineers.

Highly qualified engineers are available at the Data Center 24 hour per day and they are ready to monitor online faults and errors in operation of the equipment and to remedy them within short time.

Serverius Data Center

The datacenter:

    • total amount of racks: 200
    • power per rack: 32A
    • racks, 1000mm deep and 45U high (almost 10% higher than normal racks!)
    • redundant N+1 cooling (1.3 EUE)
    • redundant N+1 power supplies (incl. generator set)
    • redundant N+1 UPS
    • diesel storage tanks to be able to run for 24 hours without external power
    • 24/7 access using access cards
    • certified fire detection and prevention installation
    • VESDA
    • datacenter connected to the 10kV ring to ensure power


    • redundant Cisco 6509 (SUP720-3BXL) core switches
    • redundant fiber connections to other datacenters
    • redundant IPv4 and IPv6 network (AS50673) available
    • multiple carriers in house or available via fiber so carrier neutral
    • all racks will have redundant 1Gbps or 10Gbps coper/fiber uplinks


    • 24/7 camera monitoring inside and outside the datasuites and building
    • intrusion detection with realtime reporting to staff and a security company
    • territory is protected with a fence

Dutch Data center has a high level of environment friendliness as it employs innovative power saving processes.

Good connectedness with Russia may not be enough for successful development of your business, you may need the same for the countries of Europe, Asia and America. In this case, server lease with collocation at Data center in the Netherlands is the optimal solution.

Another advantage is in the legislation of the Netherlands. This country, unlike Russia, provides wider opportunities for development of private business.

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