The data center “StoreData” meets the international reliability standard TIA-942, class Tier III. The total area is 250 square meters and it accommodates 100 telecommunication cabinets and racks. A high quality of services is provided by the own fiber optic communication line to the Moscow switching Center ММТS 9, with direct communication to networks of the following providers: Sinterra, RETN, CenterTelecom, CityTelecom, MSK-IX, Rascom, as well as with an option to enter fiber-optic communication line clients into the building.Data Center StoreData

The data center “StoreData” is located in the Central Administrative District at 32A, Nizhegorodskaya Ul., Moscow.

Data Center characteristics:

    • Power Supply
      The dedicated power capacity for connection of the load is 1000 kVA. The power supply meets the requirements of I reliability category and it is provided by 4 transformers, 2 of them are in hot standby. Reservation of the municipal power entrances is supported by power from the third independent power source (diesel power plant) with capacity of 1250 kVA, designed to operate at full load of the data center at least 8 hours without recharging. The data center is equipped with 4th UPS series NXA with capacity of 200 kVA each connected according to scheme N+1.

    • Climate Control
      The data center refrigeration supply system is based on commercial precise conditioners type HiRef, with standby according to scheme N+1, and refrigeration capacity of 95 kW each. The ambient temperature and air humidity in the premises meet all sanitary norms and national standards. Separation of the airflow is based on the concept of a “cold-hot” corridor.

    • Automated Gas Extinguishing System (AGES)
      AGES operates with gas mixture “Hladon” that does not result in equipment corrosion. AGES includes the light and sound alarm system as well as refrigeration supply to switch off conditioners in case of fire.

  • Security System
    The data center building is equipped with the video monitoring and access control system based on application of “proximity” cards. The access control is supported by the around-the-clock security service.
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